Skate Mate


The Vision



We are skateboarders and caring individuals giving ALL kids a chance to have their very own first skateboard.

We believe that skateboarding can be a catalyst for positive change, especially among young people. It has the power to break through social and racial barriers, empower youth and connect them to a community.

Skateboarding’s  induction into the 2020 Olympics has seen local governments funding skateparks that have been popping up all around Australia. Local communities have also been instrumental in setting up DIY skateparks in the most unlikely locations. Through Skate Mate Australia, we aspire to help kids who don’t have equal opportunities to join these communities.

Skateboarding does not discriminate by gender, race or social standing – it connects people through the joy of sharing the same sport, space and mindset. It gives young people a healthy way to release energy and overcome challenges. We are a not-for-profit organisation who aim to enable all children to enter this magical space.



The Model

We are an affiliate of the established USA charity Boards for Bros and are very grateful for their support as we adapt and implement their successful model in our country. 
There are three main parts of the model:
Build Days - Build Days offer individuals and groups within the community a chance to get involved in the Skate Mate project. With the help of volunteers, we all have a laugh as we put together the boards so that they are ready to be given out at the next distribution event. 
Distribution Events - For each distribution event, we partner with a youth group in need within a particular area. We host a fun day at a skatepark where we give kids their new boards, bring in some volunteers to teach them some tricks and bask in the good vibes all around.
Fundraising - We are continually seeking donations, sponsorships, grants and community support to make all of this possible.
We would love to have you on board as a volunteer and appreciate your donations.


 We are a registered Australian charity committed to giving skateboards to kids who cannot afford them.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas,
please get in touch with us.