Skate Mate


The success of using skateboarding as a tool to foster inclusion, empower youth and bridge social divide has been proven many times around the world by those who have walked this road before us. We strive to be a part of such positive outcomes within Australia.


Here are some of the organisations that we draw our inspiration from. 


Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros started in 2006 at the Skatepark of Tampa where skateboards were being collected, refurbished and distributed to youth who could not afford their own. They have since expanded their model to various chapters across the USA,distributing boards, creating safe skate spots and mentoring youth. Skate Mate Australia is proud to be an affiliate of Boards for Bros. Under their guidance, we are adapting and implementing their proven model in Australia.
skateistan logo


This award winning NGO started when an Australian skater found himself in Afghanistan with 3 skateboards. He quickly realised the effectiveness of skateboarding as a way to engage Afghan youth who were lacking opportunities in the midst of a war zone. Although women are forbidden from driving cars or riding bicycles, 40% of skateboarders in Afghanistan are women – it is the largest female sport in the country. 10 years later, Skateistan now successfully operates their outreach model in Cambodia and South Africa as well as Afghanistan.

Skate for Change

It is the year 2012. A 17 year old in Nebraska called Mike Smith spends his lunch break skating around his neighbourhood, bringing food to homeless people. His friends start joining him. Eventually other kids in the area start coming along and people start to hear about it. A pro skater gets involved. Today, Skate for Change has over 80 chapters worldwide, engaging youth to give back to the homeless in their communities through skateboards.
Decks for Change

Decks for Change

Decks for Change is an Australian organisation that hosts fundraising events to build skateparks in developing countries around the world. Their next project will be run in Iraq. They have witnessed how their projects bring together people from all social classes and backgrounds to encourage each other, overcome challenges and share the joy of skateboarding.



 We are a registered Australian charity committed to giving skateboards to kids who cannot afford them.


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